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Forest Scene

Clara Thompson


Finding Her Panthers was PHENOMENAL! I couldn't put the book down, finishing it in a day and a half!

As an avid reader of witch, vampire, shifter, etc. books, I am always on the lookout for the next great story and this is it! Great characters, story line, and holy hannah was it HOT!

I am so looking forward to your next book!

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Finding Her Panthers


Fantastic read from the first word. If you like hot, protective, alpha males and a strong female who can handle three of them… do NOT read this book! DEVOUR it!
Great story development, awesome, strong female MC, and fiercely loyal and protective men that will leave you wanting more.
Couldn’t put it down!

Fighting Her Wolves

Let's see if I'm coherent enough after reading this to write a proper review...probably not, so let's see. I loved this so much!!

Ava is a badass! I love her. Riveris my baby who I just wanna wrap up in lover and never let go (unless he is going to murder someone, strangely hot) and Kerian is that fierce protector that I love!!

Hot guys

Badass FMC

Story that kept me up way to late reading.

Tess Brown

Office Manager

Write a bio for each team member. Make it short and informative to keep your visitors engaged.



The characters in this book feel like you should be able to call them on the phone they are so real! The pacing constantly kept me wondering OMG WHAT IS NEXT, and the world felt truly unique rather than a rip-off of something else. Also, can we talk about the "explicit" parts? I blushed, I crooned, I was in absolute awe that words on a page could linger in my mind for SO LONG. I thought, "Me? Reading er*otica? NEVER." But here we are and I am absolutely dying for the next book already!

Clearly this first-time author went all-out with no reservations. Which, is absolutely bonkers to me how someone could be so confident their first time out, but GIRL did it pay off!

Highly recommend for anyone wanting a great escape, not afraid of hotness, and just something amazing from a new author. Would not recommend for church groups, children's bedtime stories, or people that don't want to lay awake at night happily imagining themselves in this amazing world.




I loved this book! Im glad it was a stand alone and everything was neatly wrapped up. The author did a great job of mixing "I will do anything for my beloved" and "she is strong enough to fight without me" as well as mixing consent with domination. I also enjoyed seeing how she's mixed in characters from prior books and gets set up for the next. Excited to read more from her!

Saving Her Vampire

I'm obsessed....

I can’t help but to binge these books. From Harmony’s story and now to Marie’s, I have not been disappointed once. These characters are so lovable and unique and the collective friend group is such a fun mix. I can’t wait to read Penny’s story next. I hope we’ll see Quinn get his happy ending down the road. I don’t want this series to ever end. I can’t get enough.

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