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Forest Mist

  Finding Her Panthers

These secrets can be kept no longer. Blood will be spilled, moments of ecstasy explored, and life-changing decisions made. 

  Her desperation will shift into determination and a desire to fight for the life she deserves.


 Embracing The Bond

I have three mates. I know it down to my bones as I take another breath. Three distinct scents, different yet the same.


 Claiming Her Vampire

He slowly raises his hand, his fingers tracing my face reverently. Chills raced over my skin, not only from his words but his soft touch. “For the rest of your life, worry doesn’t exist for you. I will take care of everything. Whatever monsters were in your past no longer matter. I am the real monster. Fortunately, I am your monster.” 

Book no.1
Book no.3
Dark Rainforest Path

Fighting Her Wolves

She’s fighting the bond that ties her.



Fighting Her Wolves is the third book in the Embracing The Bond Series, a stand-alone, shifter, steamy, paranormal romance. A guaranteed HEA where the female character ends up with two mates.

Purple Abstract

Saving Her Vampire

My skin is my story.

You have to have my trust to read it.

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