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Shifters, Vampires, Fated Mates, Spice, Possessive, Found Family,

Touch Her And D*e, Magic. 

Embracing The Bond Series



Finding Her Panthers


She is desperate to make the heat stop.

When finding your mate is a matter of life or certain death, Harmony Harper is drawn into a world of romance and danger.

Secrets of shifters bubble beneath the surface of packed nightclubs, suspicious arrangements, and the world as humans know it. 

From foster homes to heartache, Harmony has not had an easy life. Complicating matters further is the shocking revelation that she not only has one mate but three. To face her demons, past and present, her fate will intertwine with the West brothers. Together, their love and power as panther shifters will fight against those who are intent on executing a decades-old plan to destroy Harmony.

When Harmony has only known abandonment, except for her dear friend Penny, can she navigate an insatiable relationship with the three most powerful leaders in the pack? Will she find the love and family she's been searching for?

These secrets can be kept no longer. Blood will be spilled, moments of ecstasy explored, and life-changing decisions made. 

  Her desperation will shift into determination and a desire to fight for the life she deserves.

Claiming Her Vampire


She’s determined to escape the demons of the past.

Serenity Woods is running away from the box she was trapped in. She grew up in a home of silent disdain if she was lucky and vocal hate if she was not. Her desire to be loved and accepted seems to be her downfall, as she falls into a relationship that steals her power. When she wakes up and decides to take it back, her controlling ex fights to keep her. 

While attempting to put her life together, Serenity stumbles into a world she never imagined, full of vampires, shifters, and possibilities. What should be terrifying instead is fascinating. Her curiosity leads her to The Mark, a nightclub owned by the mysterious Ryker Black. 

Suddenly she is surrounded by magic and a vampire that draws her deeper and deeper within his life and under his spell, certain she is his mate. But someone is leaving dead bodies at Ryker’s club, experimenting on humans, forcing them to change into shifters outside the mating bond, and Ryker will do anything to protect her. 

Can she fall into Ryker’s arms, trusting him to catch her? Will a vampire give her all the love she’s always wished for? 

Serenity will have to claim the monster beside her, perhaps most importantly, the demon inside herself.

Fighting Her Wolves

She’s fighting the bond that ties her.

Ava is tired of the men in her life hurting her. She lost her parents at a young age and since then has been under the control of the men who betrayed her. She fought to sever those ropes and built a life with determination and the desire to stand on her own.

Ava has known about the world of shifters, vampires, and witches that hide in the shadows. She let a shifter string her along for a year, only to reveal himself and break up with her because she wasn’t his mate. So, she chooses to ignore their presence and vows never to get involved with them again.

Her resolve shakes when she meets wolf shifters, Kerian and River. Kerian is the Alpha of an unruly pack of wolves, battling his demons for the good of the wolves under his care. River, his brother by choice, not by blood, hides his past behind his humor and wildness, fearing it will consume him and those he loves.

Ava is determined to fight the bond that pulls at her, but they are persistent and prove over and over again that they are nothing like the men of her past.

The brothers know Ava is their mate, but how do they convince her? Do they fight or run when the past forces its way into their future?

Ava will have to decide if she will find safety in the arms that bind her and embrace the bond that connects them.

Fighting Her Wolves is the third book in the Embracing The Bond Series, a stand-alone, shifter, steamy, paranormal romance. A guaranteed HEA where the female character ends up with two mates.

Saving Her Vampire


Can she save the vampire that wants to possess her?

Bash, a four-hundred-year-old vampire, doesn’t want a mate. He believes he doesn’t deserve to be blessed with a woman to Bond with him. His past is traumatic, and he does everything to push the memories deep within him. He has a mission; to rid the world of the

men that harm others. That is his only mission.

Marie is human but has known of the world of shifters and vampires since she worked in a nightclub that three panthers owned. She dated a shifter that ended before it started, leaving her wishing for someone to love even more. Marie hides her true self with silence and baggy clothes, hoping someday she will find someone that will look past what they see

on the outside and delve deeper.

Bash struggles to keep his solitary life despite his friend and maker, Ryker’s, attempts to bring him into the light. His denial is swift when he meets Marie, but he can’t deny the desire to be near her. Marie sees Bash, her dark angel, not just his beauty but the pain and longing he tries to hide. Will Marie save him from a life that is immersed in the past? Can Marie’s

quiet strength be enough to save her vampire?

She will have to fight, not only for Bash’s love but also to stop the person that wants

her, whether she is willing or not.

When Marie looked into his unusual eyes, she found another purpose; to prove to him

that the universe didn’t make mistakes.

Saving Her Vampire is the fourth book in the Embracing The Bond Series, a stand-alone, vampire, steamy, paranormal romance.

Note: Due to explicit language, graphic sexual scenes, and violence, this book is intended for mature (18 years +) readers.

Accepting Her Dragons


Two dragons that love their treasure and horde what they consider theirs.


Penny has hoped for love her whole life. She did find it with her sister and best friend, Harmony. They protected and cherished their connection since they became sisters, but now Harmony is mated to three panther shifters, and Penny finds herself hiding. She hides behind her bubbly personality and a fake smile, pushing away the memories of being kidnapped that still give her nightmares. 


Penny knows someone is following her; she feels the presence of someone evil, yet there is

another that protects her from the shadows. 


Bishop is a gold dragon shifter who will do anything for those he considers family. He met River, a wolf shifter when they were forced to participate in hunter games where shifters lived in cages. When River calls for help, Bishop will do anything for the man who saved his sister and walked through the fire with him. He finds himself on the edge of a group of misfit shifters that call themselves family. He conceals his powers and past, afraid to trust, until he smells the scent of his mate.

But Bishop has been hiding something—he has a brother.


Laken hates almost everyone. He has dangerous secrets that he’s kept locked away from his siblings. He has stayed away for their protection, but when his brother calls telling him that he found the woman they are destined to share, nothing will stop him from showing Penny that she is meant to be theirs.

Will Penny finally get her happily ever after? Will she accept her dragons and

the past that torments them?

Penny will have to face the demons that haunt her and trust the dragons that want to protect her.

Accepting Her Dragons is the fifth book in the Embracing The Bond Series, a stand-alone, dragon shifter, steamy, paranormal romance. A guaranteed HEA where the

female character ends up with two mates. 

Note: Due to explicit language, graphic sexual scenes, and violence, this book is intended for mature (18 years +) readers. 

Freeing Her Cheetah


Saylor Spade is a cheetah on the run. 


Saylor has never had a home. Her mother was her world until she was viciously taken from her, and now she is lost. She’s been running from a man who is determined to bond with her even though he isn’t her mate. When his pack gets too close, she has to use everything she has learned from years of hiding to disappear again. 


She had an escape plan, knowing she couldn’t stay in one place long. But things out of her control derailed her progress, and she found herself deep in the woods, unsure how to proceed until her mate appeared through the trees.


Elijah is a cheetah shifter. He left a thriving horse ranch, following his neighbor and best friend to a town filled with misfit shifters and vampires. He considers Laken, a dragon shifter, the only family he has left and would do anything to protect him, even live in a place with vampires, a species he despises. Elijah doesn’t talk about his past, which still haunts him. He doesn’t want a mate until he finds a tempting cheetah in his woods. 


Will Saylor finally have a home and never have to run again? Can she not only free the cheetah within herself but also Elijah’s?


Two shifters who find it hard to trust must learn to rely on each other when the past they want to forget demands they face it together. 


Freeing Her Cheetah is the sixth book in the Embracing The Bond Series, a stand-alone, cheetah shifter, steamy, paranormal romance. A guaranteed HEA where the female character ends up with her forever mate. 

Healing Her Lions


New Release

Three brothers who will do anything to convince her to be theirs.

Breeane is a human who craves a new start. She is tired of her family taking advantage of her giving heart. Her best friend, a bear shifter, suggests moving to fulfill her dream of opening a bakery. When she meets three men who claim she is their mate, she’s curious and tempted instead of afraid.

Logan is a lion shifter who lived in a cage, hunted by humans for their sick games. When he is rescued, the shame that clings to him is difficult to shake off. He hides from his family, fearing they will feel the same until his brothers prove him wrong.

Lucas is a fighter, and he’s angry. When his older brother disappeared for months without a trace, he coped with his pain with his fists. He feels every emotion deeply and will strive to fight for the bond with his brothers and their mate.

Las is tired of cleaning up the mess his brother left behind and wants to be a family again. When he sees Breeane in his brother's arms, he hopes for the first time that his wish will be realized but fears she won’t be able to accept three men with very different needs.

Can Breeane heal the lions who had given up hope? Will the brothers come together to keep their mate safe from the ones who want to tear apart her future?

They will have to throw away their pride and be the men who will give Breeane the love she has hoped for.

Healing Her Lions is the seventh book in the Embracing The Bond Series, a stand-alone, lion shifter, steamy, paranormal romance. A guaranteed HEA where the female character ends up with three mates.

Note: Due to explicit language, graphic sexual scenes, and violence, this book is intended for mature (18 years +) readers.

Trusting Her Bear

There is not a line he won’t cross to protect her and the bond they are building. 


Stephanie, a bear shifter, remains trapped in a cage of her past. She was ruthlessly forced into participating in the games of humans, a life-or-death chase that continues to haunt her even months after her rescue.

To try to face her fears, she convinced her best friend to go into business together in the place where she was taken, determined to find the person she was before being kidnapped. What she finds is a mate who stepped out of her dreams into real life, but she is hesitant to believe it can be real. She has secrets that she hides and traumas she relives every night in the dark.


Quinn has been fighting the shifters around him who try to include him in their crew of misfits. He runs an investigation firm and helps human women bring justice to those who abuse them, somehow hoping the good he does will erase the bad. He is a bear shifter who hides the past he’s ashamed of, but the appearance of two men whom he used to consider brothers forces him to confront it. 


When he meets Steph, he knows she is the one, and he will do anything to have her choose to be his. Quinn swears to protect his mate, but when someone from his past threatens what he wants to build with her, his calm control is tested.


Will Steph choose to trust the bond and the life they could have?


Quinn must use all his skills to gain her trust and find whoever is determined to tear them apart.

Trusting Her Bear is the eighth book in the Embracing The Bond Series, a stand-alone, bear shifter, steamy, paranormal romance. A guaranteed HEA where the female character ends up with her forever mate.

Foggy Landscape

Quotes to Make Your Heart Race

"Mate, I have been looking for you," I say softly. At my words, he pulls me back, cups my throat firmly, tips my jaw up, and looks deeply into my eyes. Time seems to stop. All I know is his warm breath on my lips.

Finding Her Panthers


Suddenly, my back is against the wall, and Bash is towering over me. I gasp at the situation I find myself in. "Wo did that to your face?" His face was hard, and I saw his fangs when he spoke.

 I can’t look away. His eyes are a lovely shade of blue, but the unusual part is the ring of white at the edge. I’ve never seen anything like it. His presence is overwhelming with its intensity. The power it holds over me is startling. 

Saving Her Vampire

Claiming Her Vampire



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T. D. Edwards has always been a dreamer. She grew up living her life in the pages of a book, grateful to the authors that helped her escape. She had hoped to someday give that opportunity to readers within her words. For her, there is nothing more satisfying than sitting down in front of her laptop. As her headphones go on, blaring music of all genres, she is transported into a world of her choosing. She loves diving into the world of Paranormal Romance, fighting for her strong female characters to find their beautiful forever. Her characters flow like a movie in her head before they come to life on the page.

She lives with her husband and two children on their ranch. She hopes to show her kids never to give up on their dreams and strive to do things that make them happy. She enjoys the simple things in life, coffee, a good book, and spending time with her family. 

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