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Two dragons that love their treasure and horde what they consider theirs.

Penny has hoped for love her whole life. She did find it with her sister and best friend, Harmony. They protected and cherished their connection since they became sisters, but now Harmony is mated to three panther shifters, and Penny finds herself hiding. She hides behind her bubbly personality and a fake smile, pushing away the memories of being kidnapped that still give her nightmares.

Penny knows someone is following her; she feels the presence of someone evil, yet there is another that protects her from the shadows.

Bishop is a gold dragon shifter who will do anything for those he considers family. He met River, a wolf shifter when they were forced to participate in hunter games where shifters lived in cages. When River calls for help, Bishop will do anything for the man who saved his sister and walked through the fire with him. He finds himself on the edge of a group of misfit shifters that call themselves family. He conceals his powers and past, afraid to trust, until he smells the scent of his mate. But Bishop has been hiding something—he has a brother.

Laken hates almost everyone. He has dangerous secrets that he’s kept locked away from his siblings. He has stayed away for their protection, but when his brother calls telling him that he found the woman they are destined to share, nothing will stop him from showing Penny that she is meant to be theirs.

Will Penny finally get her happily ever after? Will she accept her dragons and the past that torments them?

Penny will have to face the demons that haunt her and trust the dragons that want to protect her.

Accepting Her Dragons is the fifth book in the Embracing The Bond Series, a stand-alone, dragon shifter, steamy, paranormal romance. A guaranteed HEA where the female character ends up with two mates.

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