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Can she save the vampire that wants to possess her? 

Bash, a four-hundred-year-old vampire, doesn’t want a mate. He believes he doesn’t deserve to be blessed with a woman to Bond with him. His past is traumatic, and he does everything to push the memories deep within him. He has a mission; to rid the world of the men that harm others. That is his only mission.

Marie is human but has known of the world of shifters and vampires since she worked in a nightclub that three panthers owned. She dated a shifter that ended before it started, leaving her wishing for someone to love even more. Marie hides her true self with silence and baggy clothes, hoping someday she will find someone that will look past what they see on the outside and delve deeper.

Bash struggles to keep his solitary life despite his friend and maker, Ryker’s, attempts to bring him into the light. His denial is swift when he meets Marie, but he can’t deny the desire to be near her.

Marie sees Bash, her dark angel, not just his beauty but the pain and longing he tries to hide. Will Marie save him from a life that is immersed in the past? Can Marie’s quiet strength be enough to save her vampire?

She will have to fight, not only for Bash’s love but also to stop the person that wants her, whether she is willing or not.

When Marie looked into his unusual eyes, she found another purpose; to prove to him that the universe didn’t make mistakes.

Saving Her Vampire is the fourth book in the Embracing The Bond Series, a stand-alone, vampire, steamy, paranormal romance.

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