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Saylor Spade is a cheetah on the run.

Saylor has never had a home. Her mother was her world until she was viciously taken from her, and now she is lost. She’s been running from a man who is determined to bond with her even though he isn’t her mate. When his pack gets too close, she has to use everything she has learned from years of hiding to disappear again.

She had an escape plan, knowing she couldn’t stay in one place long. But things out of her control derailed her progress, and she found herself deep in the woods, unsure how to proceed until her mate appeared through the trees.

Elijah is a cheetah shifter. He left a thriving horse ranch, following his neighbor and best friend to a town filled with misfit shifters and vampires. He considers Laken, a dragon shifter, the only family he has left and would do anything to protect him, even live in a place with vampires, a species he despises. Elijah doesn’t talk about his past, which still haunts him. He doesn’t want a mate until he finds a tempting cheetah in his woods.

Will Saylor finally have a home and never have to run again? Can she not only free the cheetah within herself but also Elijah’s?

Two shifters who find it hard to trust must learn to rely on each other when the past they want to forget demands they face it together.

Freeing Her Cheetah is the sixth book in the Embracing The Bond Series, a stand-alone, cheetah shifter, steamy, paranormal romance. A guaranteed HEA where the female character ends up with her forever mate.

Note: Due to explicit language, graphic sexual scenes, and violence, this book is intended for mature (18 years +) readers.

Freeing Her Cheetah Signed Hardcover with swag

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