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She is desperate to make the heat stop.

When finding your mate is a matter of life or almost certain death, Harmony Harper is drawn into a world of romance and danger.

Secrets of shifters bubble beneath the surface of packed nightclubs, suspicious arrangements, and the world as humans know it.

From foster homes to heartache, Harmony has not had an easy life. Complicating matters further is the shocking revelation that she not only has one mate but three. To face her demons, past and present, her fate will intertwine with the West brothers. Together, their love and power as panther shifters will fight against those who are intent on executing a decades-old plan to destroy Harmony.

When Harmony has known only abandonment, except for her dear friend Penny, can she navigate an insatiable relationship with the three most powerful leaders in the pack? Will she find the love and family she has been searching for?

These secrets can be kept no longer. Blood will be spilled, moments of ecstasy explored, and life-changing decisions made.

Her desperation will shift into determination and a desire to fight for the life she deserves.


Finding Her Panthers is the first book in the Embracing The Bond Series, a stand-alone, steamy Paranormal romance. It includes multiple fated mates, lots of heat, and four panthers finding their forever.

Note: Due to explicit language and graphic sexual scenes, this book is intended for mature (18 years +) readers. This book contains discussions on self-harm, child sexual abuse, and suicide.

Finding Her Panthers Signed Paperback with swag

  • Finding Her Panthers Signed Paperback with swag.

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