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She’s fighting the bond that ties her.

Ava is tired of the men in her life hurting her. She lost her parents at a young age and since then has been under the control of the men who betrayed her. She fought to sever those ropes and built a life with determination and the desire to stand on her own.

Ava has known about the world of shifters, vampires, and witches that hide in the shadows. She let a shifter string her along for a year, only to reveal himself and break up with her because she wasn’t his mate. So, she chooses to ignore their presence and vows never to get involved with them again.

Her resolve shakes when she meets wolf shifters, Kerian and River. Kerian is the Alpha of an unruly pack of wolves, battling his demons for the good of the wolves under his care. River, his brother by choice, not by blood, hides his past behind his humor and wildness, fearing it will consume him and those he loves.

Ava is determined to fight the bond that pulls at her, but they are persistent and prove over and over again that they are nothing like the men of her past.

The brothers know Ava is their mate, but how do they convince her? Do they fight or run when the past forces its way into their future?

Ava will have to decide if she will find safety in the arms that bind her and embrace the bond that connects them.

Fighting Her Wolves is the third book in the Embracing The Bond Series, a stand-alone, shifter, steamy, paranormal romance. A guaranteed HEA where the female character ends up with two mates.

Note: Due to explicit language, graphic sexual scenes, and violence, this book is intended for mature (18 years +) readers.

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