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She’s determined to escape the demons of the past.

Serenity Woods is running away from the box she was trapped in. She grew up in a home of silent disdain if she was lucky and vocal hate if she was not. Her desire to be loved and accepted seems to be her downfall, as she falls into a relationship that steals her power. When she wakes up and decides to take it back, her controlling ex fights to keep her.

While attempting to put her life together, Serenity stumbles into a world she never imagined, full of vampires, shifters, and possibilities. What should be terrifying instead is fascinating. Her curiosity leads her to The Mark, a nightclub owned by the mysterious Ryker Black.

Suddenly she is surrounded by magic and a vampire that draws her deeper and deeper within his life and under his spell, certain she is his mate. But someone is leaving dead bodies at Ryker’s club, experimenting on humans, forcing them to change into shifters outside the mating bond, and Ryker will do anything to protect her.

Can she fall into Ryker’s arms, trusting him to catch her? Will a vampire give her all the love she’s always wished for?

Serenity will have to claim the monster beside her, perhaps most importantly, the demon inside herself.

Claiming Her Vampire is the second book in the Embracing The Bond Series, a stand-alone, vampire, steamy paranormal romance. Guaranteed HEA with a vampire that will do anything to protect his mate.

Claiming Her Vampire Signed Paperback with swag

  • Claiming Her Vampire signed Paperback with swag.

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